Corona impeachment trial verdict

images corona impeachment trial verdict

CJonTrial - Duration: This also caused some of the defense lawyers to be tardy at the trial; the Senate allowed the trial to start at a later time in order for the entire defense team to be present. In what became known as an overnight impeachment, lawmakers from the House of Representatives impeached Corona on December 12, The verdict is immediately executory. Ordanes is not cross-examined as is discharged once he finished marking the documents. BPI submitted evidence to the Senate pertaining to Corona's bank records worth 12 million pesos as of Philippine Airlines case. Watch the live stream of CJ Corona's impeachment trial day 5 - Duration: Tupas and Reynaldo Umali delivered the articles of impeachment, with Tupas saying that the process was not railroaded.

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  • The Senate received the articles of impeachment on stated that he will not quit, and that his conviction will result in Aquino.

    Corona convicted News GMA News Online

    Corona is the first Philippine magistate to be impeached and The verdict is the culmination of a trial that has dragged on for more than 4. This page contains links and documents pertinent to the impeachment trial of To read the speeches of the Senator-Judges explaining their verdict, click on the​.
    Senator Jinggoy Estrada asked who was the prosecutor who had covered his ears while Santiago was scolding them; it was identified as private prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre II he would become Justice Secretary four years later.

    Cancel Submit. Rating is available when the video has been rented. After an objection from the defense, Enrile disallowed the prosecution to present a witness from Philippine Airlines who would've testified on the Corona couple's allegedly benefits received from the airline, saying that the testimony would expand the scope of the third article. House prosecutor Kaka Bag-ao says yes.

    Corona Impeachment trial

    GMA News Online. Senator Estrada dared the defense to reveal their source, and Senator Antonio Trillanes ordered them to write an explanation on why they should not be cited for contempt.

    images corona impeachment trial verdict
    Corona impeachment trial verdict
    Corona was found guilty of failing to disclose and accurately declare his bank deposits and properties in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth SALNthe second article of impeachment.

    images corona impeachment trial verdict

    This is for establishing that Corona had already established ties with Arroyo even when she was serving as Vice President, and prior his appointment to the Supreme Court.

    Benigno Aquino Jr.

    The lessons to be learned from Corona's trial BusinessMirror

    Several senators also cautioned the spokespersons when discussing the merits of the case outside the court. Read more Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr.

    But Enrile said Corona "was deemed duty-bound under the law, they being under his name by his own decalration," to declare his peso and dollar accounts in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth SALN.

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    Speech of Senator Francis Pangilinan: Explaining his verdict on Chief Justice Renato Corona [Delivered on May 29, ] Kagalang-galang na mga.

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    Corona's impeachment and conviction put an end to a distinguished presiding, commenced the first impeachment trial of a Chief Justice.

    Still, he followed the Corona case closely from the time the trial at the Gregorio B.

    Corona found guilty, removed from office

    Honasan II, “avoid trial by publicity,” or a “premature verdict based on While Enrile, as presiding judge in the Corona impeachment trial.
    The following table reflects the decision of each senator. People's Television Network. Senator Marcos shared the same view. The prosecution pointed out that Corona cannot be able to explain how he acquired the alleged 31 million-peso wealth.

    Impeachment Trial Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

    Articles May

    images corona impeachment trial verdict
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    Henares added that Charina never filed an income tax return, and was a one-time taxpayer, for the McKinley Hill transaction.

    Wanton arbitrariness and partiality in consistently disregarding the principle of res judicata in the cases involving the 16 newly-created cities, and the promotion of Dinagat Island sic into a province. Corona, however, lashed back by saying that Aquino is retaliating for a Supreme Court decision ordering the distribution of Hacienda Luisita to farmers. In an interview at GMA 's morning show Unang Hirithe said that he lost confidence in PSBank, citing PSBank clients saying that his account details had been leaked, causing him to withdraw all of his deposits at its Katipunan Avenue branch.

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    Defense mulls petition for review before SC on Corona conviction» the ​year-old defense witness in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    images corona impeachment trial verdict

    Day 44 of the impeachment trial began on Tuesday with the Senate, acting as The verdict on Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona Tuesday would be. The verdict came at the end of a grueling five-month trial that fixated the Aquino's allies at the lower house impeached Corona in December.
    Submit Cancel. At the start of session, Senator TG Guingona said that the Senate, as an impeachment court, has the sole power to try impeachment cases, and that the Supreme Court should not interfere with the impeachment trial.

    The president officer then requested all parties to refrain from issuing statements relating to the case outside of the impeachment court. She testified that Mrs.

    images corona impeachment trial verdict

    The court ruled on the case with finality on April 20,with nine justices concurring, one dissenting and two dismissing the petition for being premature.

    images corona impeachment trial verdict
    Supreme Court spokesman and court administrator Jose Midas Marquez denied circulating text messages that the high court will have a special en banc session on Tuesday, the day when the impeachment court is expected to release its verdict on Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    In a surprise move on Friday, the feuding family of the wife Chief Justice Renato Corona has reconciled right inside the session hall of the Senate trying the impeachment case of Corona.

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    Cuevas replied that Bayuga's testimony was only "preliminary". Tupas then informed the court that the prosecution had finished presenting witnesses for the second article of impeachment.

    The senators asked more questions on Henares. The presiding officer prohibited Tupas' request allowing private prosecutor Mario Bautista to argue in behalf of the prosecution.

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