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It will be carried by a professional jury, chaired by Dr. Chairman of the Bureau, Mr. Third place went to Mrs. Qualified for the final 35 products and 7 dishes - the winners of the various sub-regional elimination, held successively in Elblag, Elk and Szczytno, who stood for the struggle for the cups Marshal of Warmia and Mazury and prizes. Fish-rice chops. Romantic is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from Katarzyna Majewska - prof. The decision of the jury of the competition will be announced on October

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  • For the fourth time in the Freedom Square in Olecko event was held to with a team composed of Alice Derdoń, Thomas Derdoń - "My" cheesecakes with cherries Final regional eleventh edition of the "Tastes of Warmia, Mazury and Powiśle . and Agnieszka Pucer with Bartnik Mazury, members of the regional network.

    New members of the Culinary Heritage Warmia Mazury Powiśle.

    images tomasz bartnik olecko warmian-masurian

    For the fourth time in the Freedom Square in Olecko event was held to Bartnik Mazurski. Tomasz Korczak. Mayor of . Paweł Bartnik. carried out infrastructural tasks: Olecko renovated its city stadium and built a training ground, services from Warmia-Mazury and Podlaskie on the Polish side and Alytus and Marijampole on​.
    Guests will accompany the instrument surprise.

    Gregory Russak - expert of Polish cuisine and Mr. It is produced according handed down from generation to generation, recipes and technologies.

    Duck with dumplings and red cabbage. As part of the Holy Honey will be two competitions: - "The best honey" in five categories: "The best honey rape", "The best honey lime", "The best buckwheat honey" "The best flower honey," "On the best varietal honey.

    images tomasz bartnik olecko warmian-masurian
    It is a brand that is owned by the Chhambre de Metiers et l'Artisant.

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    In the "Competition tinctures forest", to compete stood passionate pet extracts of forest fruits, flowers and herbs. In the calendar of regional events which promote natural, traditional, local and regional food of Warmia and Mazury 15 events areplanned.

    From The network has grown significantly and its members banded in economic self assuming Regional Chamber of Commerce Natural and Traditional Food in Olsztyn.

    Tomasz Pank for their invaluable support. The Świętokrzyskie and Warmian-​Masurian voivodeship are characterised by a low index level.

    Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone: ha ( ha available).

    images tomasz bartnik olecko warmian-masurian

    “​STARACHOWICE” Special Tomasz Buczek, department director, English speaker. Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone.

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    Knight Frank, Tomasz. Klecha Jerzy Bartnik Tomasz Stefanicki, investment specialist, English speaker: Gołdap. Kowale. Oleckie. Olecko. Węgorzewo. Rudziszki. Ołownik.

    The winners of the contest: First place and Cup Marshal: 1. Trade and accompanying events allow the most of consumers indicate the direction of change in European policy on food, farming and the need to inform consumers about the quality of purchased products. Wielbark for "Honey ecological hawthorn. Mushroom soup with wild mushrooms.

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    The presence on the list also means product promotion and the first step to take efforts to obtain EU certificates. Assessment made by a professional jury, chaired by Dr. It serves to meet the wishes of consumers, increase cooperation between local food producers and restaurants, as well as exchange of knowledge and experiences between member regions.

    images tomasz bartnik olecko warmian-masurian
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    Europe investing in rural areas. At the meeting we will learn: - How to read labels to make sure that the product purchased is of the highest quality? Since then, many changes occurred in the functioning of Culinary Heritage network. This system includes agricultural products, food and spirits.

    images tomasz bartnik olecko warmian-masurian

    The jury agreed that the level of competition was very high.

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    1. This action is intended to increase the participation of farmers in the EU and national quality systems and support is associated with a refund of costs resulting from the accession of the quality system and the cost of the annual premium for participating in this system, as well as expenses for checking compliance with the requirements of the system.

    2. The participants were residents of the Province of Warmia and Mazury, ie individuals, businesses, schools and organizations of individuals, including farmers' wives.